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20 July 2018
East Wall Credit Union Archive


Annual General Meeting held on 30.01.12

ClickAnnual Accounts 2010.11

ClickAnnual Reports 2010.11


Annual General Meeting held on 31.01.11

ClickAnnual Reports 2009.10 (1216.9kb)

ClickAnnual Accounts 2009.10 (166.9kb)


Annual General Meeting held on 28.01.08

ClickAnnual Reports 2006.07 (247.1kb) 

ClickAnnual Accounts 2006.07 (142.1kb)


Annual General Meeting held 24.01.05

Click Annual Reports and accounts 2003.04 (482.1kb)




In June 1971, the credit union moved to new premises located on the site where the function room stands today.  This brochure was issued in commemoration of this event

ClickDownload 1971 New Premises Opening (682.4kb)


In 1993 the East Wall Credit Union celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The following booklet was issued to honour this milestone.

Click 25th Anniversary (487.4kb)


In the early 1980's several local newsletters were distributed by the credit union. A couple of them are reproduced below

Click 1982 newsletter (453.1kb)

Click 1983 newsletter (847.8kb)

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